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About Gion Hatanaka

The Esthetic of Gion Hatanaka

When you examine closely the culture of Shichu no
Sankyo of Higashiyama, you will find that its
primary purpose was to be a small mountain
retreat for tired locals. The gentry of the capital at
that time chose to enjoy this place for it's tranquil beauty,
contrasted against the hectic life of the city.
The origins of many tea related traditions of Japan,
such as the wabicha style tea ceremony,
and offering tea to the deceased can be found here.
Facing the Yasaka Jinja shrine,
completed by the Kodaiji temple from behind,
Gion Hatanaka is the elegant and peaceful successor
to the heritage of Higashiyama. We are an oasis of the mountains
respite, nestled in the midst of a city. Standing silently and wordless,
Gion Hatanaka hopes to show you the beauty of the Higashiyama
people, which has lasted here unbroken since ancient times.

The Art of Relaxing in the Mountains

The trees, the stones here remain as if unchanged since eternity.
The water, the wind, tranform mourning into tranquility.
Here, the moutain will teach the body its ways.

Attached Map, Surrounding of the City

Turning onto a common road, the floral city at your back,
you stop quietly deep within the town.
You start to realize that some unknown force draws you quitely to walk further in.
It is the spirit of this place.

A Reason to Drink in a Simple Room

Experience the presence of a simple room.
Becoming wealthy with a single cup.
As it dries it is time to pour another.


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