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What are the check in/check out times?

Check in is after 3pm until 7pm, and check out is by 10:30am.

Is there a welcome drink service?

You can have a welcome drink service prepared of traditional Japanese green tea and fresh Japanese style sweets after 4 pm that starts the initial arrival service as well. We hope you will enjoy a moment to relax with us.
※This drink service may be arranged for times other than your arrival.

Can I have fruit or flowers arranged to be in the room beforehand?

Please let us know about plans such as birthday cakes and anniversary flowers at least three days in advance. They can be totalled into the final bill of your stay.

Gate Closing

Late nights, after midnight, our gates will be closed, however, if you use the intercom, our staff will be there to let you in.

Can you store our luggage?

Regardless of your check out times, we are able to store your luggage from 7 am until 9pm

Is parking available?

If you are traveling by car, please come to the front of the Ryokan, and we will gladly park it for you. The fee per night for parking is 3,000 yen.

Can you come to meet us as at the closest station?

Unfortunately, we are not able to meet you at the station.

●Taxi: if you take a taxi from Kyoto Station, Please ask for "Gion Hatanaka, a the South gate of Yasaka Jinja." the trip will take approximately 15 minutes

●Please use the 206 Bus at Bus Stop D in Front of Kyoto Station. Please take the bus bound for Kitaoji via Higashiyamadori. The bus will arrive at the Gion Bus stop in approximately 20-25 minutes. We are a five minute walk from the bus stop. Please be careful, to take the bus at the D terminal, as the A terminal via Senbon-dori takes a different route and requires much more time to arrive.

●We are about a 10 minute walk from the Gion Shijo Station, and the Hankyu Kawaramachi station.

Can I send any items home?

We are usually able to assist you with modest packages to be sent back home using our carrier, Kuroneko-yamato

Do you offer massage services?

Yes, they start at 4,500 yen for 40 minutes. Please ask to schedule them with your reservations, or as you arrive to the hotel.

May I stay there by myself?

Our apologies, but usually our services are tailored to be enjoyed by two guests. According to the season, it may be possible to stay by yourself, but we ask that you inquire about this in advance.

When may I make the reservation?

We take reservations for our guests up to six months in advance.

What times may I call to make a reservation?

We can take reservations from 8am until 9pm, Japan local time.

Is there a cancellation fee?

Cancellation fees are as follows:
●1 week - four days before, 10% of one night's stay.
●Two to three days before, 50% of one night's stay.
●On the day of or the day before your arrival, 100% of one night's stay.
●If you planned to stay for multiple nights, and cancel during your stay you will be charged the full price of one night.
●The day before your arrival, 50% will be charged.
●On the day of the arrival, 100% will be charged.

Can I pay in advanced?

We ask that you provide payment for your stay either in person upon your arrival at the ryokan, or with payment forms available at Japanese banks.

May I bring my pet?

We are very sorry, but we do not allow pets to stay at our Ryokan, unless they are a service dog aiding our guest. In that case, we ask that you notify us three days prior to arrival.

When I make my reservations, can I select my floor and room number? Can I select if I am part of the main building or part of the detached building?

We cannot guarantee to fulfill such requests, but we will if we are able, pending room availability.

Do you offer drink service companions?

One person can be hired as your drinking companion for 16,000 yen for 2 hours. They will be dressed in Western clothes, but if you desire Japanese clothing, you may add it for an additional 4,000 yen.

Can a maiko performer provide drink services?Can a maiko performer provide drink services?

We have maiko performers that can provide drink services accompanied by a shamisen player. (86000 + tax for the pair). One session is 2 hours long and usually takes place from 6 to 8 pm. They do not speak English. It is required to arrange a translator.

How should I make reservations for my children?

For children we generally use these three patterns.
1: Children are charged the same fee as adults
Children are given the same menu, breakfas and futon

2: The following are alternative meals you may select for your child in advance.

●Child's dinner plate 2000 yen + TAX
1 piece of fried shrimp, Hamburg Steak, sausage, potato salad, Chicken Rice and dessert

●Child's dinner 3000 yen + TAX
2 pieces of fried shrimp, Hamburg steak, sausage, potato salad, rice, Miso soup and dessert

●Child's Japanese dinner 5000 yen + TAX
Sashimi(raw fish), 3 hot dish, rice, Miso soup and dessert

●Breakfast 3000 yen + TAX, Futon 2000 yen + TAX, Using facility fee 3000 yen + TAX

※1The stay fee is a fixed fee for infants and children over one year of age 、regardless of whether or not they eat meals, or use futon.
※2 fees are assessed according to the services used, so if the child stays you will be charged the stay fee, but not be chaged the futon fee if the child sleep with their parents.

3: Non-walking infants of under a year in age.
There is no fee for infants, and we are able to provide infant futons upon request.

Can you hold any packages I may receive?

We may receive packages, but we ask that the sender please note on the remarks which days that you will be staying, as well as your name. However, we are not able to provide payment on arrival. Furthermore, notifying us in advance is extremely helpful.

Are there non-smoking rooms?

The whole building is non-smoking. We do have a smoking area at the entrance,
so we ask for the understanding of those with tobacco allergies.

Are there rooms where smoking is allowed?

The whole building is non-smoking. We do have a smoking area outside the entrance,
so please feel free to use that area for smoking. Please be advised that all kinds of
e-cigarettes are considered 'tobacco' and thus the use of these is prohibited throughout the building. Charges will be incurred if guests smoke outside of the designated areas
to cover the cost of deodorization.

Room and bathing amenities

In your room you will find a futon, a bathing towel, a tooth brush, shampoo, hair rinse, and body soap prepared for you to use. The large bath towel you receive may be used in your room and in the communal bath. Yukata are not provided for you in your rooms.They are provided by a hotel worker in the evening for guests before at bed time.

【Amenities for Men】
Amenity pouch, bathing towel, toothbrush, hair brush, razor, socks

【Amenities for Women】
Amenity pouch, bathing towel, tooth brush, hair brush, hair clip, socks, shower cap, makeup remover, face wash foam

About your arrival

We provide traditional Japanese clothing called "samue" for you to wear in your room, and when coming and going through the ryokan. In the evenings before bed, we will provide you with yukata robes.

Are the amenities free?

Towels, bath towels, toothbrushes, soaps, shampoos, and socks are all free of charge.

Will I be able to pay with credit cart?

We can use the following forms of credit: Visa, JCB, Mastercard-Amex, USJ

At What time are dinner and breakfast served?

Dinner is served from 5:30pm until 7:30pm. Breakfast is from 7:30to 9:30am.

Should I let you know if I have any allergies?

Please let us know about any food allergies you may have.
Please let us know as far in advance as possible given that more time we have, the more it will be possible to accommodate your specific needs.
We will also work with our chefs to tailor foods to your allergies, or even change foods that you don't particularly like. In such cases, we ask that you give us details as specifically as possible.

Is is possible for you to send my luggage to or from Kyoto Station?

We ask that you please use a delivery or courier service to have your luggage sent to the ryokan.

Is it possible to extend my stay before checking out?

You may choose to stay additional nights at the regular fee, however, this is not possible if doing so would conflict with the reservations of an incoming customer.


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